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Introducing Dr. Panic!

Match 4 or more colors vertically or horizontally to clear the tiles, with the goal of eliminating all of those pesky viruses and stopping the global pandemic!

I thought Pulp's tile-based approach would actually be great for a puzzle game, so I set about using Pulp to create a fun puzzle experience that you can enjoy on the go!

Game features:

  • Classic puzzling action on your Playdate!
  • 20+ levels with adjustable speed/difficulty settings
  • 3 different game endings. Try to find them all!
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Dr.-Panic-v2.6.pdx.zip 86 kB

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so grateful to have a nice lil adaptation of this title on Playdate!

some adjustments that could greatly improve the experience:

in the original Dr. "Plumber Man" games, the pills spawn underneath the bottleneck, so they are movable from the instant they appear on screen. in your game, having the pills spawn in the bottleneck forces the player to wait until they descend before gaining the ability to move. tweaking the spawn point to better reflect the source material that this game is inspired by could take this game from good to great!

the GBA version of Dr. "So and So" also does a cool thing that you could try if you're amenable - TATE mode! using the device in portrait orientation would likely necessitate a new control scheme, perhaps using the crank for either movement or rotation of the pills so the other hand can just focus on dpad or face buttons. these changes are less important for the overall user experience, but could really set your game apart.

thanks so much for what you do

hi again, AB.

if you've moved on from this project, please disregard this message.

otherwise, i'd be so grateful to have the pills spawn below the bottleneck.

the other features i mentioned in the above comment are just frills, but the bottleneck is a gamechanger. as it is, Dr. Panic is held back by this departure from the franchise that you are paying tribute to. it would be soooo much improved by this change

thanks for reading!


This is a really fun game. Thank you.

Thanks! Glad you like it! I'm currently hard at work on Mobware Minigames. You might just see Dr. Panic make a cameo appearance 👀


Really accurate version of the game you probably know. This is what Playdate is all about, seasonal games aside. Another example of high-quality homebrew. I'm so pleased to have this device, and be a part of such an awesome community of enthusiasts. Thanks for a fantastic game.

Thank you so much for the kind words! I really enjoyed working on it, and look for more fun stuff to come :-)

Does this game have music?

Yup it does.